Oh hello there!

Would you like the long story or short?

Short (read fast): Grew up in Southern Anne Arundel County. Went to University of Tennessee. Earned a degree in Journalism and Electronic Media with a concentration in Sports Writing. Got a job as the editorial assistant with a high school sports website, then a sports writer for a local newspaper, then the associate editor of regional/lifestyle magazine Whats Up? Media. Six months later: promoted to social editor. Six months after that: add to it, managing editor of Whats Up? Weddings. I write about all things weddings, parties, etiquette, and fashion, philanthropy, and social. Whew! That was fast.

Longer (slow the pace): I consider myself a Jill of all trades. Raised in the country burbs south of Annapolis, Maryland, I darted off to Knoxville, Tennessee to attend the University of Tennessee for college. (I heard people there loved their school, and as a super spirited girl, couldnt wait to be surrounded by the energy.) I started as a music education major. Then music. Then special education. Then public relations. A few others later, I finally found my calling. In 2008 I graduated with a degree in Journalism and Electronic Media with a concentration in Sports Writing. Boom.

The great Gary Adornato of Varsity Sports Network in Baltimore (we called him The Godfather) offered me my first break. I call it a break because it was the spring of 2008 in the midst of a wildly saturated job market, I got lost on my way to the interview and was 20 minutes late, and he must have had at least a hundred applicants. But he took a chance, and hired me as the editorial assistant of Digital Sports, Inc. in Columbia, Maryland. I couldnt imagine a better for work environment, but all good things come to an end, and when Digital Sports dissolved, I took a job as the sports reporter of a local newspaper, and decided to simultaneously pursue a Masters degree in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore. Since joining the Publication Design class of University of Baltimore, Ive also joined the staff of Whats Up? Media. There, Im the Towne Socialite. I write about weddings, parties, etiquette, and fashion, maintain the philanthropic social calendar, manage the quarterly fashion section and shoots, and attend as many social events as I can fit on my calendar.

And there you have it. So take a look around! Its nice to [virtually] meet you.

                                                                                                           All my best,